The building material kiosk
our solution for your requirements profile

Fresh concrete – convenient and fast at the push of a button, regardless of which solution you opt for.

Our building materials kiosk is 100% operated by your customer autonomously – he can shop without having to contact the advisor personally, thus saving a great deal of time.

Your customer chooses the type and the amount of concrete on the touch screen on his own. Individual quantities are possible.

After the order process is complete, a QR code is created. It is printed and then read in over a scanner to the controller of the concrete filling station . Done!

Payment is made right on the terminal by EC or credit card; or else via a stored customer account after verification by RFID chip and PIN entry.

The building material kiosk
do-it-yourself, no personnel expenses for you

The building material kiosk
The building material kiosk
All advantages at a glance:
  • Sales extending beyond office hours

  • Non-contact sales – no need to have staff available

  • Saving of personnel costs

  • Flexible design of range and prices

  • Integration of third-party products (e.g. border stones, cobblestones)

  • Innovative customer loyalty tool

  • Independent of location

  • Expansion to a webshop in the works

  • Integration in ERP system

All advantages for your customers at a glance:
  • Flexible purchase of goods

  • Enormous savings in time

  • Intuitive and simple ordering process

  • Convenient and fast ordering process for regular customers with RFID chip

  • High security standard with a 2-factor authentication (RFID chip and pin)

  • Transparency of order quantities

This is how it works –
our building materials kiosk step by step

  • Selection of product

  • Confirmation of the shopping cart

  • Select method of payment

  • EC or credit card

  • Purchase on-account for existing customers

The building material kiosk
  • Complete purchase and receive a QR code

Individual consulting: Make an appointment now at: +49 2626 – 5166

All components of the package at a glance

The building material kiosk
Conversion of the concrete filling station to QR code control
  • Installation of PC and QR code scanner

  • No need for magnetic card control any more

The building material kiosk
Counter terminal for indoors
  • Creation of individual QR codes after the ordering process

  • Including printer

The building material kiosk
50 RFID chips
  • Customer verification

  • 2-factor authentication by entering the PIN

The building material kiosk
Installation of the building material kiosk
  • Creation of unique QR codes

  • All components are integrated in a safe enclosure for outdoor use ➔ protected against vandalism

  • Independent of location

  • Including voucher printer and bank card reader

  • Electrically lockable

100% control of your system:
Monitoring of filling levels,
error messages and statistics

The entire system is controlled via the touch screen. Whether changes to recipes or quantities; statistics about the concrete types; the activation of individual components; or checking the filling level – everything is possible here. If desired, the control can be integrated in your company network.