For more than 10 years, Massfeller has been designing, building and selling this system technology with a Siemens control system very successfully, both in Germany and abroad.

You too, should expand your range of construction materials with CONCRETE2GO.

Your investment pays off in three to four years already.

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07973 Greiz
15749 Mittenwalde
21357 Bardowick
22851 Norderstedt
40764 Langenfeld
46509 Xanten
46514 Schermbeck
48282 Emsdetten
48485 Neuenkirchen
49179 Ostercappeln

49377 Vechta
52525 Heinsberg
53520 Schuld
53639 Königswinter
54421 Reinsfeld
54516 Wittlich
55471 Reich
64832 Babenhausen
72393 Burladingen
73760 Ostfildern

75242 Neuhausen
75392 Deckenpfronn
76870 Kandel
79689 Maulburg
79761 Waldshut-Tiengen
90765 Fürth
91550 Dinkelsbühl
96138 Burgebrach
96484 Meeder
AU 4371 Dimbach
FR 67600 Ebersheim

Additional concrete filling stations are located in France, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Austria, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Switzerland and Togo / Africa.

Your Content Goes HereMarkus Lutz – Managing Director Willi Lutz GmbH & Co.KG
My Concrete2Go concrete filling station has become an indispensable part. A real customer attraction. And the service is also right.
Your Content Goes HereGünter Steiner – Managing Director Rudolf Klein GmbH building centre
My customers say “thank you!” –because they do not have to drive several kilometres to get fresh concrete, they save time and can “re-fuel” quickly and easily. Satisfied customers are very important to me and ultimately safeguard my existence.