Frequently asked questions about the concrete filling station:

What do I need to operate the system?

Only a 28-kW power connection.

Do I need a water connection?

No, a standard feature of our concrete filling stations is a 1000l IBC.
This has several advantages. With the installed pressure booster system, we guarantee constant amounts of water in the tank. Thus, it can conveniently be moved with a forklift and relocated to the water connection, instead of installing expensive external pipelines. In addition, the tank can be moved inside at night in winter, to be able to continue production in the morning, despite nocturnal frost.

How many m3 of concrete can I produce with the supplies?

The water tank is sufficient for production of about 12 m3. The gravel supplies of the MA15-2 are sufficient for production of about 6 m3, while those of the MA15-4 are enough for about 12 m3. The cement silo holds enough cement to produce 100-130 m3 of concrete.

What is the capacity of the cement silo?

The cement silo has a capacity of 29 m3 and holds a full load of cement.

How many types of cement can I produce?

The diversity of varieties is determined by the choice of grain size in the supplies. A standard feature of the MA15-2 10-12 is production of different formulas (MA15-4 16 formulations).

Who will compile the formulas for me?

The formulas can be obtained from us. We can on the one hand rely on many years of experience in ready-mix concrete and on the other hand on the professional support of concrete laboratory technicians, to ensure high-quality concrete formulas. In addition, all formulas are adjusted to the grain sizes available to you.

Which types of gravel and sand do I use to fill the concrete filling station?

The MA15-2 is usually filled with 0-8 and 0-16 or 0-8 and 8-16 mm. The MA15-4 is usually filled with 0-2, 2-8 and 8-16 mm.

Can I use concrete recycling as an aggregate?

Yes, the system can also be filled with concrete recycling. We customise the formulas according to your grading curves.

Can the system also dose retarders?

Yes, the system automatically doses retarders. Each formulation is available with retarder.

What quantities can be produced?

The concrete filling stations can produce up to 15 m3 concrete per hour.

Can the system also be operated without chip cards?

Yes, the systems are all equipped with a touch screen that can be used to operate the system and change or monitor the system parameters.

How regularly must the system be cleaned?

The system must usually only be cleaned in the evenings.

How is cleaning done?

No water is used for cleaning.
This means that it is not necessary to build a sludge pool and waste water, which could pollute the premises, is avoided. The system is cleaned by means of mixing gravel in a dry-cleaning programme. The gravel can be added to the gravel supplies afterwards and be reused in a subsequent mixture. There are no waste products or waste water.

Do you offer maintenance contracts for the systems?

Yes, we offer comprehensive service contracts.

How many m3 do I have to sell a day to reach break-even?

Usually 1.5 – 2 m3 a day on 220 production days a year.