The advantages at a glance:
quick and easy

  • Acquisition of new customers, boost in sales, improved customer loyalty
  • Environmentally and personnel-friendly dry-cleaning method ➔ that yields savings of more than €200/month
  • No costs incurred for water and disposal costs thanks to dry-cleaning
  • Low maintenance and cleaning expenses
  • Up to 100 different recipes enable a wide range of concretes
  • Only an electrical connection is required
  • Sale of small amounts starting at 0.15 m3, with a maximum batch of 0.5/1 m3 per mixing operation
  • Little space required ➔ 80 m2 with a double chamber system; 100 m2 with a four-chamber system (including manoeuvring space)
  • Processing of recycled materials
  • Planetary mixer enables a perfect mixing result with a short mixing time
  • 29 m3 cement silo with VEGA level measurement in real time
  • Electro-hydraulic mixer closure
  • Modular design allows for flexibility in putting the system up and for the integration of new elements in existing systems


Your investment pays off
in three to four years already.

A profitable future with CONCRETE2GO

It is very easy to expand your service and include a high-yielding product, such as concrete, in your product range. Even without the relevant knowledge of fresh concrete, you can produce tested concrete mixes in various grain sizes with the chip card in the CONCRETE2GO concrete filling station. It is comparable to the baking machine in a super market – get the desired product at the touch of a button. This does not guarantee that every customer will buy – but many will make use of the service.

Do you seek individual advice?

Customers choose the required amount from 0.25 to 1.0 m3 of various types of concrete and screed. You as the building material supplier provide advice on the respective application area.

Simply position the trailer of your vehicle or an appropriate transport container underneath the discharge belt and start the mixing process with the chip card.

The fresh concrete is directly pumped into the transport container within two to three minutes – done!